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You're a busy person, your mind is buzzing with all the things you have to do. Remember this, contact him, plan that, meet with her, file that report. You start the day with the best intentions but you get pulled from pillar to post and end up chasing your tail and achieving nothing. Then that feeling when someone who's been patiently waiting for you to do a task points out that they really need it doing - by tomorrow. Sound familiar?

Let's try an exercise. Put these tasks in the most efficient order:
• Create IEPs for all your new intake pupils
• Work out how many hours of speech therapy your budget will allow and who can benefit most
• Call the parents of Jordan about his outburst yesterday - oh, and check the report facts with all witnesses first
• Prepare a wall display of all children that have been "Helping Hands" or "Gold Stars" for parents evening
• Check all the preparations and risk assessments for the sailing trip
• Contribute to the "Stand against bullying" campaign
• All your other "normal" jobs
• Learn about Tweezy Online, the smart new solution that every smart educator needs

There sure are a lot of things to do aren't there? The solution is simple though, put "Learn about Tweezy Online..." at the top of your list and watch the rest sort themselves. Do it now, get yourself a coffee, a nice quiet space and see how you could start saving time today.
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